An Ascension of Commitment is an reassessment of our obligations.  For most of us- self desires and career goals secure top priority, with family, friends/community following, and maybe, just maybe, an hour for God on Sunday morning or when really needing His help.  At P.O.W.E.R., we strive to ascend God to first place.  Getting to know our Father, understanding how Jesus is Lord and Savior, and utilizingthe Holy Spirit as our Helper.  We think this is the only way to allow God to, well...BE God!  Lastly, we strive to honor Him through our interactions with family, career, community, and self.

As His children, we believe in the Word, and we recognize that we are not promised lives without adversity.  In fact, Jesus said that His power is made perfect in our weakness, and that His grace would be sufficient for our perseverance through it.  Therefore, we strongly believe that giving power (being anxious) to self, others, and circumstances creates an imposition against the first commandment- Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.  Why?  Because if our faith is in God, we will lean on Him during our adversity, trusting that His grace will be enough.  Therefore, let's redirect this power as good and faithful servants of the God. 

How do we do that?  Well, Jesus told us that those who do for the least of these- poor, hungry, widows, orphans, sick, etc- will have done for Him.  Let me be clear in that we don't serve Him, because we want His blessings.  We serve Him, because we love Him, our God. 

So, whether we are within or outside of trial, why not be a blessing to others?

Each month, we uplift a specific mission, and at the completion of each mission, we are able to deliver P.O.W.E.R. Packages to hundreds of our brothers and sisters in need.  We would love your spiritual, physical, and financial support to help continue our ministry.  P
lease, visit take a look around for more details! 

May the blessings often disguised as hardships forever be revealed to you,

Amanda N. Razzano-Latham



In the Father, Through the Son, By the Holy Spirit

To sum things up:

We are a bunch of once extremely worldly people turned children of the Most High. This means that we have decided to take off our old coats- rebuking the comforts of our sin nature, and put on the new- Providing Our Worldly Emotions Rest in Him.  Altogether, we are a growing partnership of men and women seeking our Father, God, through our intimate relationship with Jesus Christ established by the Holy Spirit. As His children, we strive to Ascend our Commitments, Overcome Adversity, and Serve Others.

Providing Our Worldly Emotions Rest

In the Father, Through the Son, By the Holy Spirit